Imagen Retailing management
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Retailing management

McGraw Hill 9781260084764

SECTION I THE WORLD OF RETAILING 1 Introduction to the World of Retailing 2 Types of Retailers 3 Multichannel and Omnichannel Retailing 4 Customer Buying Behavior SECTION II RETAILING STRATEGY 5 Retail Market Strategy 6 Financial Strategy 7 Retail Locations 8 Retail Site Location 9 Information Systems and Supply Chain Management 10 Customer Relationship Management SECTION III MERCHANDISE MANAGEMENT 11 Managing the Merchandise Planning Process 12 Buying Merchandise 13 Retail Pricing 14 Retail Communication Mix SECTION IV HUMAN RESOURCES AND STORE MANAGEMENT 15 Human Resources and Managing the Store 16 Store Layout, Design, and Visual Merchandising 17 Customer Service SECTION V CASES Cases Glossary Index

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